Receiving phone calls through a finger

Yesterday, I received my first phone call hearing the caller speaking to me out of my left ring finger. Instead of pressing my clumpy mobile phone onto my ear, I realized it’s far more comfortable to have my finger there. Since the microphone is attached to my wrist, (the posture of) my hand is actually quite similar looking to a telephone. We germans, we always used to call mobile phones “handy”, now this totally makes sense to me.

The ways and forms we use digital technology (especially information and communication technologies) today reminds me on early analogue tool use of human. In order to go hunting you would first have to spend a week with preparing your hunting tools and make everything ready to use. Well, I don’t need a week to type in and get a message sent but still, for me it’s just annoying how we interact with technology. I need to spend way too much of my ressources just for the interaction with current human-technology interfaces.

Thus, invisibility and transparent human use of technology was also the goal for my magnetic finger call project. Using my body to communicate independently from time and space sounds quite attracting to me. The technology itself gets into the background and is used as a vehicle to extend my human/cyborg abilities. My body is literally interwoven with other bodies – the voice of the caller directly stimulates my magnetic finger and speaks to me through my body, quite awesome!



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