I recently moved out from the city to the countryside.
Here, houses became trees,
streets became streams,
and formerly two-legged animals, mostly became four or more-legged.

It´s kind of new for me,
but on the same time not.
I grew up like that.
But now, after living years in cities,
it seems like, I re-discover that world from a new perspective.

I think, I´m still in an assimilation phase,
my mind is constantly transferring city life concepts to my current surrounding.
When I get to see an anthill for example,
I automatically think of the turkish market at Maybachufer in Berlin.


My yesterday´s walk was full of what I would call “symbiosis”.
Walking through the forest, I was fascinated by the growing together of different life-forms.
Cuddling, I realized, happens not only on park benches,
but also between trees.


The couple above is one out of many.
I call it “multi-natural” love.
It shows that also trees don´t make a difference between skin colours.
Again, please excuse my constant anthropomorphising,
but these are my first days here.

Symbiosis here,
doesn´t need to be always as romantic as with the last couple.
In principle, growth, and steady renovation is in the foreground.
That includes that the fall-down of one,
on the same time means the birth and nutrient medium for the other.

The inappropriate separation of destruction and renovation,
of the inside and the outside,
the importance of situatedness,
and the dependence of the point of perspective,
shows the fellow on the next picture.


Setting the anchor on that tree,
Its skin and form shows destruction and decay from the “outside”.
a change of perspective however,
an inside-view,
shows how death on one side turns into life and living ground on the other side.


Symbiosis creates entirely new appearances.
It is, where necessity turns into beauty.
Using the rotten buddy to reach for sunbeams,
The snapped off spruce is being converted into a beautiful palm.

Baum_Palme-ganz          Baum_Palme-krone

Want a tattoo?
sure, you´ll get it.

wood-efeu2          wood-efeu3

Want some funky body modifications?
sure, no problem either.

tree-mushrooms-ausschn          tree-mushrooms-hang   tree-mushrooms-kleinstumpf          tree-mushrooms-stumpf2


Symbiosis, as species interactions,
need time to find the right form of exchange.
Symbiosis doesn´t make a difference of organic and anorganic,
of culture and nature.

cable-wood          cable-wood-human

Symbiosis, seen as different life-forms growing together,
as an ambivalent fact, depending on the viewpoint,
overcomes the concept of life and death,
bears beauty inside,
gives rise to new forms of living and growth,
and puts the focus away from the outside shell,
back onto what drives the exchange from the inside,
the life substance.